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In a statement, a spokesman for the OCR exam board, which set the paper, said: We're aware of an error in today's OCR GCSE English Literature paper.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - Romeo learns of his

In my opinion, I feel that, if this were not intended to be a tragedy, Romeo and Juliet could have found a way to urge their parents to come to terms with their union.

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We will be scrutinising how OCR intends to identify and minimise the impact on these students. We will be closely monitoring OCR’s investigation of how this incident occurred and seeking reassurance regarding its other papers this summer.

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The themes of death and violence permeate Romeo and Juliet, and they are always connected to passion, whether that passion is love or hate. The connection between hate, violence, and death seems obvious. But the connection between love and violence requires further investigation.

In Act 6, scene 6, the buffoonish Samson begins a brawl between the Montagues and Capulets by flicking his thumbnail from behind his upper teeth, an insulting gesture known as biting the thumb. He engages in this juvenile and vulgar display because he wants to get into a fight with the Montagues but doesn&rsquo t want to be accused of starting the fight by making an explicit insult. Because of his timidity, he settles for being annoying rather than challenging. The thumb-biting, as an essentially meaningless gesture, represents the foolishness of the entire Capulet/Montague feud and the stupidity of violence in general.

In its essence, love is an inexpressible and indescribable feeling, for the sake of which people breathe: a feeling, which encouraged noble knights to sacrifice their lives, to perform heroic exploits in honor of love to their ladies a feeling which prompts affectionate person to donate the whole world to the beloved one a feeling owing to which people lose their heads, and make thoughtless, and frantic actions a feeling to which people surrender themselves completely.

Shakespeare subverts gender roles once more by having Juliet demonstrate a more stoic resolve than her husband. When the Nurse insists that Romeo “stand, an you be a man, she is implicitly suggesting that he has been acting in a feminine manner (). Shakespeare also reminds the audience of the existing patriarchy through Lord Capulet, who sees Juliet simply as an object to be bartered. Though Capulet initially claims to have his daughter s welfare in mind, he quickly turns cruel when she defies him. Juliet s strength is admirable to the audience, but is anathema to men, like her father, whose power she is threatening.

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The concept of fate described above is the most commonly accepted interpretation. There are other possible readings of fate in the play: as a force determined by the powerful social institutions that influence Romeo and Juliet&rsquo s choices, as well as fate as a force that emerges from Romeo and Juliet&rsquo s very personalities.

When the Prince calls the Capulets and Montagues a bunch of "beasts," he implies that their hatred doesn't seem to have any rational cause it is simply the result of passions they refuse to restrain. We also notice that there's never any real explanation of what caused the feud or why it even continues. The only thing we know is that there have been three big street fights that have "disturb'd the quiet of [the] streets" in Verona. The Prince's solution to all of this violence? Any man caught brawling in the future will be sentenced to "death."

Brain Snack: In West Side Story , an award winning musical adaptation of Shakespeare's play, the Capulet/Montague feud is turned into a racially motivated rivalry between two 6955s street gangs, the Jets and the Sharks.

Lady Capulet tells Juliet about the plans for her marriage, believing it will cheer her daughter up. However, Juliet refuses, insisting she would rather marry Romeo Montague than marry Paris. (Obviously, her mother thinks this simply a rhetorical statement, since Romeo is Tybalt’s murderer.)

As she waits in her room for Romeo to arrive, Juliet delivers one of the play’s most elegant soliloquies about her beloved. The Nurse enters, distraught and speaking unclearly Juliet can only discern that someone has died and that someone has been banished. As she did in the previous scene, the Nurse refuses to tell Juliet what she knows. Instead, she allows Juliet to believe that it is Romeo who has been killed.

When Romeo arrives, overjoyed with his recent marriage, he is deferential to Tybalt, insisting he harbors no hatred for the Capulet house. Tybalt is unsure how to deal with Romeo. However, Mercutio challenges Tybalt to a duel, so he draws his sword and attacks Mercutio. Romeo attempts to intervene, holding Mercutio back. While Romeo is restraining him, Tybalt stabs Mercutio and then exits quickly.

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