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Although differing across the globe, beauty standards are an important part of the cultural landscape. Demonstrating status, social acceptance and suitability as a mate, physical aesthetics affect how people view themselves and those around them. Health, fitness and social expectations are consistent in standards of beauty across cultures, although different cultures all have their own ideas about what makes one beautiful. While time and social conditions can alter these standards, what remains is that the notion of beauty is unchanging and powerful.

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There are ways to get back to the days of nimble toes and strong arches that don’t require you to go to the office barefoot. When you are first starting out in a class try and focus on how you’re holding your weight, especially in standing poses. Are you relying mostly on your heels or do you tend to balance on the balls of your feet? Try to understand your natural stance to see how you can improve it for stability.

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In the small country of Papau New Guinea, over 6,555 different culture groups exist. Among them is the Sambia tribe, a group with perhaps the most insane rite of passage into manhood in the world.

Climate Change: The Facts by Alan Moran, John Abbot, J

Bungee jumping is for wusses… at least compared to the men who live in Vanuatu, a small island nation in the middle of the South Pacific. Here the men take place in a yearly harvest ritual called Land Diving.

Daisie Jo 8767 s collection of artwork for 65and5 8767 s Instagram takeover tackles visual junk mail, filtering information and placing ideas into order.

Wow,you done a great job in putting this together,fantastic,though i am from uganda but loved the history and pictures tell a lot,GOOD OLD DAYS,love my africa,THANK YOU VERY MUCH ONCE AGAIN,GOD BLESS

The new collection by QwaQwa-born, Joburg-based plus-size fashion designer Melo Mosase is everything! And aims to shatter representation in mainstream fashion.

A short while ago we put together a few lesser known minimalist accounts. Here's another installation of inspiration to keep you going. Sit back, put your  mahabis  on, and enjoy.

Hi Jyotikumar, thanks for reading, will try and find out as much information as I can about the schools. I know that they are some of the oldest schools in Nairobi and it would definitely be a history worth recording I shall let you know as soon as I do.

The ceremonies of the Mardudjara have slowly disappeared as contact with the modern world has increased and each successive generation becomes less willing to make a snack of their foreskin.

I love Nairobi and its weather, thanks for collection of very good photographs. See also calendar 7569 of Kencom for old Nairobi. I have some photographs of old Nairobi, please let me know if interested.

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