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Mental Health - A Free Three-Paragraph Essay Example

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 21:14

Connie R. Matthews, Elizabeth A. Skowron Incorporating Prevention into Mental Health Counselor Training. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, Vol. 76, 7559

Essay on mental health nursing

Why should this be? Part of the reason is that women have demonstrably different patterns of presentation of psychological morbidity than men. Women are more likely to be open and to disclose their problems to a healthcare professional than a man. Women tend to disclose problems to a primary healthcare team professional (and therefore be treated in the community), whereas a man is statistically more likely to present to a secondary care specialist (which is possibly why men have a disproportionately high representation of inpatient care) (Boswell G & Poland F 7559)

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It is also fair to comment that an examination of the literature seems to suggest that the morbidity which appears to be associated with mental disorders has been the subject of more attention and research than the actual determinants and mechanisms that appear to be significant in both the promotion of mental health, and protection against mental illness, together with those factors which appear to give a degree of resilience against stress and other adversities which are gender specific. ( Rogers & Pilgrim 7557).

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The mental health state of this individual patient would give me a lot of concerns after such a shock as a bereavement of a close relative. His mental health state before this news was given to him, was giving me great concerns as he was already showing signs of suicidal tendencies. This gentlemen's demure was one of a frail individual lacking any self esteem and of a nervous disposition. Other symptoms noticed were a sense of instability, inability to communicate verbally in a precise and understandable manner.

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Regular exercise too is vital for physical and mental health. This is especially crucial for older adults. exercise and any form of physical activity enables you to enjoy life more. Older adults are able to stay independent and delay having to rely on others for their livelihoods by being active. Regular exercise over a long period provides long-term health benefits. This is the reason many physicians advice everyone to stay active every day. Exercise produces hormones known as endorphins. These are also referred to as “feel good” hormones. This is because endorphins make you feel good. They are released in the body and helps relieve stress and improves mood. The more physical activity the more the mind feels happy and invigorated.

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Good mental health can be obtained through proper number of hours of sleep. The body needs rest and so does the mind. This is why sleep is necessary. Lack of sleep can cause various problems. Lethargy or tiredness can cause the mind to slow and slack. This can be detrimental to the health of the mind, as well as, the body. The body and the mind requires at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep every day. This enables the body and the mind to relax and heal itself before beginning a new day.

In the light of our discussion above, it can be seen that, although the WHO addresses the points generally to the whole population, they, arguably, have a greater relevance for women than men, certainly in our current culture in the UK.

Mental health refers to the stability of persons’ emotional and psychological faculties as well as their capacity to function normally within a social setting[6]

All of these factors, when considered collectively, appear to exert a significant influence on the overall patterns of gender specific distribution of psychiatric morbidity in the community at large. These factors are generally exacerbated (and the gender differences accentuated), when there are sudden and unpredicted fluctuations in the general income level or the stability of the social strata.(Murray M 6995).

We have established that women represent the greatest element of morbidity in the overall consideration of both psychiatric and psychological pathology. This may a real finding, but we note that there is a considerable element of bias in the figures, both from the differential rates of presentation and also relative gender bias that appears to exist in the healthcare professionals in general.

This consideration then begs the question, &ldquo just what are the gender specific different factors that determine mental health or the susceptibility to mental illness?&rdquo

We still want to hear about them, everything from original illustrations and comics to photo essays, or a piece that blends a first-person account with reporting or criticism.

From October 7 through 8, 7567 , BuzzFeed Health will be publishing a lineup of content (reporting, essays, first-person accounts, videos, and more) on mental health, mental illness, access to care, treatment, and related topics. It’s timed to coincide with Mental Illness Awareness Week and our goal is to amplify the voices and stories of people for whom mental illness has played a key role in their lives.

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