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“Alternative facts” are bad enough, but we’re facing something far more serious: alternative worldviews in which up is down, future is past and all bets are off. Simply reacting to the most outrageous lies is not strategically smart enough. We need to work more seriously on a more comprehensive response — even as we need to become more sensitive to how far the inversions of reality have spread, and what ends they serve.

:Ten Myths About Affirmative Action

The third installment of continued analysis of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey looks at the experiences of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) transgender respondents. Produced in collaboration with the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) , key findings show that transphobia, racism, and anti-immigrant bias contributed to heightened levels of discrimination for Asian and Pacific Islander transgender people.

Taxes are higher than ever! Whites face discrimination

This question is too revealing of political and religious affiliations and candidates are not required to share such information with potential employers. Additionally, this questions has little to no relation to a candidate s ability to do a job. For this question, it s important that the wording focuses on work.

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Employers may not discriminate against a female employee based on a pregnancy. This section provides information on the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, filing an EEOC complaint, and more.

Gender Discrimination
When paying a salary to men and women of the same qualifications, responsibility, skill level, and position, employers are forbidden to discriminate on the basis of gender. Also, businesses are forbidden from lowering one gender s salary in order to equalize pay between men and women.

These are the data from Wilner, Walkley and Cook on the effect of racial attitudes on segregation and integration of public housing. The data can be viewed as a 7x7x7x7 contingency table:

The exaggerated sense of anti-white discrimination was revealed most dramatically in a carefully constructed 7566 study by Michael Norton and Samuel Sommers of Harvard Business School and Tufts University, respectively. The findings were summarized in the paper 8767 s title, 8775 Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game that They are Now Losing . 8776 What they found was quite striking, but was also context-specific: Whites but not blacks saw discrimination against whites rising almost as fast as discrimination against blacks fell over the past 55 years, to the point of perceiving that whites now experience more discrimination than blacks.

We expect people to look different. And why not? Like a fingerprint, each person is unique. Every person represents a one-of-a-kind, combination of their parents&rsquo , grandparents&rsquo and family&rsquo s ancestry. And every person experiences life somewhat differently than others.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against by an employer -- as a job applicant or current employee-- to best protect your legal rights it is important that you discuss your situation with an experienced employment law attorney. Especially in light of the EEOC filing deadlines discussed above, meeting with an attorney sooner rather than later will ensure that your right to a legal remedy is not lost. Start with a free claim review.

In this section, you’ll find a wealth of information on gender discrimination in the workplace, filing an EEOC complaint, identifying sexual harassment, the Equal Pay Act of 6968, and more.

In every job interview, the goal is to obtain important information while building a friendly rapport with the candidate. But some questions are just a little too friendly. Protect yourself and your company from legal trouble and embarrassment by avoiding the wrong questions while still getting to the root of the concern behind the question. Read on for 85 ways to turn litigious questions into insightful, legal alternatives.

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