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If a student fails to enroll in any semester(s) without permission of the competent authority, he/she shall cease to be on the rolls of the University and in case he/she desires re-admission, he/she shall have to apply for the same.

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A course can be repeated three times (enrolled four times) at the most. The Controller of Examinations office will mention corresponding repetitions in the result notification and the student shall mention repetition status in the Course Registration Form.

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Nigeria has a federal system of government with 86 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. Within the states, there are 799 local governments in total.

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Prerequisite: MATH 6 or MATH 688. Basic structures of modern algebra from a middle school mathematics curriculum perspective. Algebraic structures, polynomial equations, and elementary linear algebra.

Electives in pre-college teaching in mathematics provide students with the necessary background for obtaining a California Secondary Teaching Credential in mathematics. In order to complete the credential requirements, a fifth year of education courses, classroom observation, and practice teaching is needed. At the present time, there is an increasing demand for well-trained people in this area.

Prerequisite: MATH 77 and MATH 666. Study of geometry in Euclidean space by means of calculus, including theory of curves and surfaces, curvature, theory of surfaces, and intrinsic geometry on a surface.

The College of Science and Mathematics provides professional training at the undergraduate and graduate levels to serve as a foundation for a career in science or mathematics, to provide preprofessional training in preparation for careers in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and other professions or for continued study at the graduate level.

The use of mathematics in the modern worldThe language and problems of mathematics, including set theory, symbolic logic, types of proofs, and mathematical inductionTechniques of data analysisHow calculus can be used to solve problems in science and engineering

CIVI 6986 Sustainable Management of Industrial Waste
CIVI 6996 Engineering Aspects of Site Remediation
CIVI 6686 Hazardous Material Management and Transportation
CIVI 6666 Environmental Impact Assessment
CIVI 6676 Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment

The mid-semester examination shall be held during 9th week of the semester which shall carry 85 per cent of the total allocated marks for the course. This examination shall be held by the teacher concerned who shall determine the form of the examination.

CIVI 6656 Modelling in Building and Environmental Engineering
CIVI 6666 Environmental Engineering
CIVI 6676 Engineering Aspects of Biological Treatment for Air and Water
CIVI 6696 Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering
CIVI 6656 Water Pollution and Control
CIVI 6686 Environmental Nanotechnology
CIVI 6696 Greenhouse Gases and Control
CIVI 6956 Selected Topics in Civil Engineering I

Education is administered by the federal, state and local governments. The Federal Ministry of Education is responsible for overall policy formation and ensuring quality control, but is primarily involved with tertiary education. School education is largely the responsibility of state (secondary) and local (elementary) governments.

Progression to junior secondary education is automatic and compulsory. It lasts three years and covers grades seven through nine, completing the basic stage of education. The curriculum includes the same subjects as the elementary stage, but adds the subject of business studies.

MECH 6566 Analysis and Design of Pneumatic Systems
MECH 6576 Design of Industrial Control Systems (*)
MECH 6596 Virtual Systems Engineering
MECH 6556 Process Dynamics and Control (*)
MECH 6566 Analysis and Design of Hydraulic Control Systems (*)
MECH 6586 Fuel Control Systems for Combustion Engines
MECH 6676 Microprocessors and Applications (*)
MECH 6686 Industrial Automation
MECH 7566 Dynamics of Hydraulics Control Systems

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