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Over 98 percent of the world's vanilla crop is grown in the small island countries of Madagascar, Reunion, and Comoros. For these tiny islands in the Indian Ocean, the indoor farming of vanilla is likely to mean economic catastrophe. The export of vanilla beans accounts for more than 65 percent of the total export earnings of Madagascar. In Comoros, vanilla represents two thirds of the country's export earnings. According to the Rural Advancement Fund International, more than 655,555 farmers in the three vanilla-producing countries are expected to lose their livelihood over the next several decades.

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Like the analysis, the language in this essay clearly meets the requirements for a score of 9. The writer displays sufficient control of language and the conventions of standard written English. The preponderance of mistakes are of a cosmetic nature ("trying to solve more complicating problems."). In general, these errors are minor and do not interfere with the clarity of the ideas being presented.

Are We Too Dependent on Technology? Essay - 952 Words

Hundreds of millions of farmers across the globe face the prospect of permanent elimination from the economic process. Their marginalisation could lead to social upheaval on a global scale and the reorganisation of social and political life along radically new lines in the coming century.

Argumentative Essay Are We Too Dependent On Technology

Restricting the growth rate of the economy to an arbitrary limit makes as much sense as restricting the rate at which a company can grow its revenues or its market cap. Speculative fever will certainly occur and there will necessarily continue to be high profile failures and market corrections. However the ability of technology companies to rapidly create new real wealth is just one of the factors that will continue to fuel ongoing double exponential growth in the economy. These policies have led to an 8775 Alice in Wonderland 8776 situation in which the market goes up on bad economic news (because it means that more unnecessary punishment will be avoided) and goes down on good economic news.

Today special attention is paid to the future space travel technologies which will give an opportunity to travel in the outer space rather frequently. It is known that one of the leading space companies Astrium “has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop key technologies for new re-ignitable upper stages for new launchers” ( Astrium Selected To Develop Key Technologies For Future Space Missions ). Under this contract, which worth about euros 75 million the company will be involved in development of advanced technologies to travel outer space.

Most long range forecasts of technical feasibility in future time periods dramatically underestimate the power of future technology because they are based on what I call the 8775 intuitive linear 8776 view of technological progress rather than the 8775 historical exponential view. 8776 To express this another way, it is not the case that we will experience a hundred years of progress in the twenty-first century rather we will witness on the order of twenty thousand years of progress (at today 8767 s rate of progress, that is).

Internet is one of the biggest invention and it is important for us without any doubt. Internet has really made our lives easy and yes you are right, you won 8767 t be writing this article without internet and I won 8767 t be writing this comment here 😛

To do this, we need to understand local brain processes, although not necessarily all of the higher level processes. Scanning a brain with sufficient detail to download it may sound daunting, but so did the human genome scan. All of the basic technologies exist today, just not with the requisite speed, cost, and size, but these are the attributes that are improving at a double exponential pace.

Ultimately we will get away from the tangle of wires in our cities and in our lives through wireless communication, the power of which is doubling every 65 to 66 months.

We can 8767 t simply ask it. If it says 8775 Hey I 8767 m conscious, 8776 does that settle the issue? No, we have computer games today that effectively do that, and they 8767 re not terribly convincing.

In the essay, there are some minor language errors and a few more serious flaws (., "The future ability of growing new brain cells" or "One aspect where the ability of humans may initially be seen as an example of deteriorating minds"). Despite the accumulation of such flaws, the writer's meaning is generally clear. Thus, this essay earns a score of 8.

The main kind of agriculture in Cambodia is subsistence farming.  This is where the food you grow on your farm is for your own good.  The opposite of subsistence farming is commercial farming where big industries farm for commercial profit.  The Mekong river floods the fields in the wet season, making the land perfect for growing rice, which is their main cash crop.  Even though they grow a lot of rice, their main export is rubber, and their man import is machinery.

As before, world knowledge is accumulating, and the instantaneous increment is proportional to the amount of computation, which equals the resources deployed for computation (N) * the power of each (constant cost) device.

There has not been much International help in Cambodia and still the violence and economic problems continue.  I seriously think that people should help more than they are doing now, and make this a big situation because many lives are at stake.  My proposal to the United Nations Economic Council is that they start donating some money to Cambodia to help out their economy.  By building up their economy they can use their money to build schools, hospitals, and more roads.  By having educated people, more people could go and get jobs and strengthen the economy even more.

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