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Date of publication: 2017-08-25 16:26

The researchers, Dr Isabel Shutes of LSE&rsquo s Social Policy Department, and Sarah Walker of the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, call on the government to address the gender implications of the conditions for acquiring legal residence and social rights.

Department of Social Policy - Department of Social Policy

Vol. 98-9
• Realism and idealism in critical criminology
•  Solitary confinement in California
•  Torture and abuse in US prisons
•  Sovereignty, sex, and LGBT refugees
•  Asylum seekers in Ireland

Social Policy | University of Salford, Manchester

However, over the course of the post-War period, social policy analysts began to identify gaps in the Beveridgean welfare state. Some highlighted the persistence of poverty amidst plenty. Others pointed to &lsquo hidden&rsquo giants of sexism and racism that the welfare state had failed to address. These criticisms reflected not only a concern with the weaknesses of government policy but a broadening of the focus of the academic subject of social policy which began to draw much more widely on ideas from sociology and political science and adopted a more critical perspective on the welfare state.

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- Different UN agencies including UNDP, UNICEF and UNHCR
- A variety of small and large NGOs including Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontières, International Red Cross and One World
- Action international or intergovernmental organisations such as the World Economic Forum, European Commission and World Bank
- Consulting companies
- Government ministries.

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Congratulations to Professor Emily Grundy, Professor of Demography, London School of Economics and Political Science for being elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

States, Social Policy and Development* 
Provides the analytical tools needed to understand and critically evaluate the key practical challenges of social development.  

When this question was posed to a group of 66 students, house staff and faculty at Harvard Medical School in 7568 , the most common response was that a positive test meant that you have a 95 per cent chance of having the disease. Less than a quarter had the correct response – about 7 per cent.

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York &ndash both the University and the City &ndash has a rich tradition in the field. The Department of Social Policy & Social Work was established in 6965 and has an international reputation for its work. The City of York itself was the site of one of the world&rsquo s first scientific studies of poverty &ndash Seebohm Rowntree&rsquo s Poverty: A Study of Town Life (published in 6956).

Dr Timothy Hildebrandt was interviewed by the BBC for its coverage of a recent new media regulation in China that, among other restrictions, bans all depictions of homosexuality in online videos. Dr Hildebrandt drew upon his extensive and ongoing research into LGBT-related policies in China and elsewhere.

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