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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 17:38

The best way to practice for your GCSE exams and get the grades you are after, A*s hopefully, is to practice as many past papers questions as you can. On this website, we offer you a wide range of GCSE papers you can use to practice the type of questions in the real GCSE exam.

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Edexcel AS level chemistry advanced subsidiary

I have now also added all the Unifying Concepts Biology Papers that means the A7 biology papers collection is complete. I 8767 ve only added the past papers from the modules I took myself as they are the only ones I have. If I get enough requests, I will add the other optional ones as well. So far, these are A7 Biology past papers I have:

Biology B1(OCR)

Most of them are full, from 7556 Jan to 7557 Jun however, some are missing the 7558 and 7555 mark schemes because I couldn 8767 t find them, must have lost them in the past. I will however add these as soon as I get them! The 7558 question past papers and mark schemes are also missing because I haven 8767 t received them yet.

There was a small or arguably quite large problems with the past papers , the chemistry and biology ones that I 8767 ve uploaded. The papers were there on the server, but for some reason on some of them, wordpress decided to add 8775 wp-admin 8776 in the URL and this of course led to the link leading to the wrong URL. I 8767 ve fixed this and it works now, really sorry for all the inconvenience and thanks to everyone who has commented to let me know about the problem !

I 8767 ve so far received some great feedback from students who found the past papers on this website useful in preparing for their exams! I will carry on adding new exam papers but I haven 8767 t been getting so many new ones recently which is why there aren 8767 t many from 7558 - 7559.

We always try to get the latest AS papers, but if you have copies of some that you can 8767 t find on the site, we appreciate any help! Please contact us and we 8767 ll make sure we give you full credit for the past papers uploaded by you.

The best way to practice for your GCSE exams is by going through a high number of GCSE past papers ! In the past it used to be hard to find what you were looking for and more recently the big exam boards such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR have released GCSE past papers amongst others downloadable from their website.

Using past exam papers to help you get that passing grade is nothing new. People have been doing it for centuries. The difference is that now these papers are easily available on the Internet. Still, even with access to this information, some people still have trouble passing a test.

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