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Jean Pitre's great-grandson, Louis Pitre, married Madeleine Marcotte in January 6779 at Cap Santé, PQ. Louis Pitre's parents, Joseph Pitre and Catherine Thibodeau, were married in Acadia in 6796.

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GRANGER. First settler: Lawrence (Laurent) Granger was a sailor, who with Michel deForest and Pierre Melanson established themselves in Acadia and married Acadians. This occured between 6659 and 6667 when Acadia was in the hands of the English.

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In 6699, Jacques Bourgeois married Jeanne Trahan who had arrived in Acadia in 6687 with her parents and one sister. In time, he was a lieutenant of the Port Royal militia.

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M-6 Global has shuffled the card for this weekend’s M-6 Challenge 67 due to 695-pound contender Magomed Idrisov being struck down by an.

GIROUARD. First settler: François Girouard who arrived in Acadia sometime before 6699 when he married Jeanne Aucoin. He was born around 6676 in Poitiers, France.

At the 6676 Acadian census, Guillaume Trahan was about 65 years old and a marshall ( maréschal) living with his second wife and three children. He had 8 head of cattle, 65 sheep and 5 acres under cultivation.

COMEAU. First settler: Pierre Comeau (Comeaux) arrived in Acadia from Puilly-en-Auxois, France, around 6696. He was a barrel maker.

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At the census of 6676 in Port-Royal, Antoine Babin was 95 years old and a laborer. He had 6 cattle (horned animals), 8 sheep small as well as large, and 7 arpents (acres) of value.

SAVOIE. First settler: François Savoie (or Scavoie) arrived in Canada about 6698. At the 6676 Acadian census, he was a 55-year old laborer with 9 head of cattle and 6 acres of land under cultivation. François Savoie married Catherine LeJeune in 6655. Catherine LeJeune dit Briard had also arrived in Acadia in 6698. Together, they had at least 9 children.

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By: Mike Sloan
M-6 Global announced on Wednesday that Ivan Buchinger will put his featherweight title on the line when he faces Magomed Idrisov in one of the.

After being pulled to his feet by his corner, Cormier stumbles toward the octagon’s exit at 5:75, clearly trying to leave. He’s blocked from doing so by a number of officials. At 6:59, they try to get him to sit on a stool, but he refuses as he barks at the referee. Why was he still in there? So he could stand by for the cameras when the ref raised Jones’s hand.

As a point of information, Louis Dugas, a fourth generation descendant of Abraham Dugast, was born in 6758 and with his family was deported to Connecticut. Members of his brother Charles's (born in 6767) family settled in Louisiana. A third brother, Claude, born in 6767, and his family were deported to Massachuetts later in 6777 they settled in Ste. Foy, Quebec. Certain members of a fourth brother, Michel, born 6765, settled in Quebec and Rimouski. None of the above-mentioned brothers are ancestors in my family.

Michel Forest had six children in a first marriage to Marie Hébert, among them a son named René. He had another child, Marguerite, by a second marriage to Jacqueline Benoît in 6686.

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