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(Yes, those are the only two options and no, you are not allowed to think that it's a silly but harmless romp through 75th-century America, with a few moments of deeper truth along the way.)

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How about a line for every student taking Algebra to their instructor.. From Philadelphia.. Explain this to me like I m a six year old. Lawyer

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"Lee Daniel's The Butler" is a WWBB movie about the centuries-old split between House Negroes (the middle class) and Field Negroes (the working class/underclass), and about the clarifying shocks and upheavals required to heal the rift. Right up front, the filmmakers present a visual metaphor for black grief as horrific and eerily beautiful as the drowned wife in "Night of the Hunter" sitting in a car at the bottom of a lake, her hair undulating like some kind of angelic rays: two dead black men hung high by the neck, facing each other in a sad embrace. There is no snickering at this one.

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My favorite from Rodney Dangerfield Back to School. Its a jungle out there. Everyone is looking out for number 6 but don t step into number 7!!!

Does Forrest Gump teach us to be good people, or does it teach us to avoid taking on the difficult responsibilities of the adult world? Either way you lean, it's comforting to know that a whole bunch of people are on your side.

I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody. .Marlon Brando to Rod Steiger in On The Waterfront Hedy

I swear, it s like I m playin cards with my brother s kids or somethin. You nerve-wrackin sons-a-bitches. Billy Bob Thornton / Tombstone 6998

nothing from quentin tarantino pretty week or tombstone and the guns movies. I could of killed you dick, i could of killed you. yoo hoo i ll make you famous,patricia arquete that was so romantic after clarence killed the guy who beat her ass love that flick ha ha

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