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Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

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Hi, Iwould just like to say that this documentary was really valueble, seeing how women are objectified in society today and how that has lead us to self objectify. We tend to look at ourselves from a third person point of view, constantly thinking how others view us and this could have roots in media, however it is not new, even back in the 6755s, it was being argued whether women's breasts were mere sensual toys for men, or if they were perhaps a 'natural gift'. This is terribly upsetting, seeing that a lot of things we do and think are so we can be seen as attractive by others,ultimately depending on others for self-security and love - this is obviously not the way! I would like to also find out how I can contact the narrator? Thanks!

Spivak and the ‘Subordinated Other’: The “Third World Turn

I have a friend with large labia who does not like them. However, her husband goes crazy for them and wants oral sex all the time. He calls them her "ears" and loves them. She also told me that they were on holiday and he pointed at a male hen (cock) and the flaps on the top of its head knowingly. Although he did not mean this is a bad way it upset her.

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Learn to tell a good story in this one-hour workshop that focuses on beginnings and endings, and engaging audience members with humor and wit. Better Said Than Done is a community of storytellers based in Fairfax who perform shows all around Northern Virginia. The shows include a series of storytellers’ themed and true personal stories. The workshop will be lead by founder Jessica Robinson and veteran storyteller Mary Supley Foxworth.

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Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain Who Saved it, named a finalist for the Pulitzer prize, Larrie Ferreiro refocuses the discussion of the American Revolution to include the untold history of Spain and France’s integral help in securing victory. Called “Impressive” by The Wall Street Journal , Brothers at Arms reveals the birth of the American nation as the centerpiece of an international coalition fighting against a common enemy. Sponsored by the Department of History and Art History.

Meet three YA authors as they chat about writing teen characters growing up and finding themselves. Christina June ’s It Started with Goodbye is a modern take on the Cinderella story but with way juicier secrets and a feisty step-abuela “fairy godmother.” Misa Sugiura ’s It’s Not Like it’s a Secret explores a queer teen’s coming of age in a way that “realistically celebrates a teen 8767 s discovery of trust in herself and in others.” For fans of retro gaming, Meg Eden ’s Post-High School Reality Quest is about a teen girl whose life becomes narrated like a video game but some things are all too real.

Being perfect or not is not the question.. to me it is more into hygiene. As a Muslim, i have to circumcise for that purpose. To other believers, to change it because of not being perfect it is quite wrong because you should cherish what you have. There are others who are not lucky enough to even have vagina. In the end, you are perfect your own way, unless you are doing the labia surgery due health problem.

This perception that so many women seem to have regarding mens expectations is all in your own heads. Blame the ridiculous magazines you read or the incessant TV advertising, but please stop blaming us. What the average guy really looks for is the natural you - honestly.

Future historian when looking back at our time will see things like this and say. "this is but a clear indication that mankind lost its way prior to the great fall in civilization". How can this even be a thing with staving children in the world!!! Wake the F+*K up people!!!!

Bring the whole family and cozy up with children’s author Megan Wagner Lloyd. Her upcoming picture book Fort-Building Time follows a group of friends who build a fort for every season and discover along the way that every fort is the perfect fort. With vibrant colors and rich detail, Wagner reminds readers of all ages that it’s never a bad time to build a fort. Sponsored by the Fairfax Commission on the Arts.

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