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Dolphins show behaviors at times similar to that of humans. In the wild they usually help the sick pod mates, supporting them to reach the surface so they can breathe. Females are loving mothers devoted to their offspring while they feed on breast milk and even long time after weaning.

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I have published two books about my interactions with free-swimming dolphins and whales. In these books I explain many of the behaviors and teachings of the dolphins. The information and experiential encounters continue on a daily basis as I swim among 755 dolphins here in Hawaii. I am glad to have this internet opportunity to share with you the latest teachings of the dolphins and whales.

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At one time or another, we have all had the opportunity to observe ducks and geese in their wild, natural habitats. As a child, my family and I would often

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Dolphins are great and all, but who\'s at the top of the food chain again? That would be humans. Sorry dolphins, but until you\'re able to fly to the Moon, your intelligence means nothing.

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Belonging to the odontoceti or toothed whale cetacea, and family Delphinidae, the largest family of the cetacean order, there are 76 living species of dolphins. Most species of dolphins feed mainly on small schooling fish and squid although some species prey on crabs, shrimps, and lobsters. Dolphins can be found in all oceans and major seas around the world. Each species of dolphin has adapted to life in their particular marine environment, allowing them to specialize in catching and eating food specific to that area.

But, why do dolphins save humans, if they are a different species? Many theories exists that try to explain the reason, but until now none is widely accepted.

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