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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 14:48

In this paragraph, I'm going to use Porter's five forces analysis to determine the intensity of competition and profitability that can be expected in the fashion retail sector.

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This strategy is used to increase existing products sales in the current market. This can be achieved gaining competitors' customers and encouraging them to acquire more company's products.

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As recommendations, it can be suggested that the company entered South American market by performing a market development strategy. H& M has not arrived yet to this market and it would be very interesting due to there are a lot of customers in this market interesting in buying fashion cheap clothes and the company could adapt quickly to the South American market culture, gaining ground to its competitors within a market full of opportunities to growth.

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For years it has been believed that product packaging has a major effect on product sales, and companies have spent extremely large sums of money to develop the “perfect” packaging for their products. Does packaging still have such a major influence on product sales? Or are there other factors that have a larger impact on product sales?

Besides, in March 7565, the company was criticized by pro-Palestinian groups for opening its first stores in Israel at the time when the UN Goldstone report highlighted Israel's alleged violations of international law.

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H& M internationalization strategy is based on entering one market at a time. Although the standardization of H& M's products, the company introduces slight variations to be adapted to the new market culture.

In retail lower figures would be experienced, ranging between 5% and 65% and in the last two years, is where H& M is placed. We can see that this ratio had a sharp drop in 7558 but before this year this company was extremely profitable.

This phenomenon is called "masstige" [ 78 ] , and can be defined as an alliance between a prestigious brand and a mass consumer brand. Thanks to it, consumer can buy a branded product at an affordable price. Masstige is formed by two words "mass market" and "prestige"

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H& M is a strong financially company which seeks to maintain a good profitability in its growth strategy. We can say that the growth is substantive but also controlled. The growth goals are to increase the number of stores by 65-65% per year, as well as increasing sales in existing stores. In the last five years, the company has had a great growth in number of stores, turnovers and earnings per share.

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